Cake Beauty Delectable Founder Heahter Reier


for the cakeland collective.

Every 4-6 weeks, I will be picking 100 people to gift some free Cake - whether it's testing out the latest launch (before anyone else!), sharing a bestseller, or just because I know you will love it. 

Cake Beauty Founder Heather Reier


you're really important.

It's as simple as that. I want you to try our favourites, experience the newness and be treated like the notable you are. What you think, and what you say, and how you share it with the people in your life is more important to me than anything else.


Cake Beauty Founder Heather Reier


how to be picked.

Honestly, there isn't a set criteria. We choose customers, friends and fans that we see as embodying all the things we love - you are authentic, generous, kind and cool. The Cakeland Collective is special, and I see that. Join us!

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